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The Charity's Objectives

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The Charity's purpose is to relieve persons resident in the Ancient Township of Spondon who are in condition of need, hardship or distress. This is achieved by financial assistance in the form of grants.

The boundary of the Ancient Township of Spondon, whilst mainly a suburb of Derby City, extends in part to Chaddesden, Borrowash and the Parish of Dale. (Confirmed via an ordinance survey map at a 1926 Parish Council meeting).

History - Governing document:

The charity Commission Scheme was drawn up in November 1973 to combine the following ancient charities:

  • William Gilbert - 1662
  • John Locko - 1663
  • Elizabeth Cowper - 1728
  • Griffith Dakin - 1773
  • Rev'd Francis Gisbourne - 1817 (part only)
  • Samual Alcock - 1929


a) Trustees meet in February, May, September and November each year. At the February meeting a budget for the year is discussed. Allocations were made to cater for grants required for major projects such as domestic equipment; Christmas goodwill; School uniforms; and Higher education. Any shortfall in funds to be made up from our Unrestricted Funds (Income Shares).

b) At the discretion of the Chairman, a meeting with those likely to be in a position to suggest beneficiaries such as probation, social and health services, churches, school head teachers, and others, may take place early in the year, the object being to discuss progress of existing grants and their likely future requirements.

c) All requests must be made on an official application form, and must have a supporting letter from a recognised sponsor likely to be someone falling within the areas described at b) above, or one of the trustees who will visit the applicant. A guide is available to anyone wishing to apply, and publicity is widely displayed in the area of benefit, and at the premises of those described at b) above, and at schools and colleges, particularly on 6th form notice boards. Official application forms are available from the clerk.

d) Acknowledgements and receipts are sought to ensure that grants are used for the purposes for which they are rewarded.

What We Do

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Spondon Relief In Need Charity provide financial help to residents of Spondon who are in need ...

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For more details please write or email us explaining why you think we can help you.

About Spondon

For more information about Spondon visit the Wikipedia Page.

Regulated by the Charity Commissioners in a scheme Number 211317 Sealed 16 November 1973

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