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What We Do

Spondon Relief In Need Charity provide financial help to residents of Spondon who are in need. We try to ease the burdens and provide the need. The need may be You, Your Friend, or Your Neighbour.

Please Note - Spondon Relief In Need Charity does not accept any donations of second hand furniture.


  • These are normally awarded to individuals only. They are not made in the form of cash, but a payment made directly by the clerk to the goods or services supplier.
  • Payments may be made to organisations providing they can demonstrate that the grants will benefit those of their organisation who meet the criteria of this Charity.
  • No grants are given for the relief of rates and taxes, or any other expense which would normally be covered by the state.
  • Repeat grants are only considered at the trustees' discretion, and only then if funds remain available after all other successful applications have been serviced.

The list below, although not comprehensive, gives an idea the the sort of items that can be can be provided by the Spondon Relief In Need Charity.

  • School uniform
  • Higher education
  • Sport support
  • White goods, fridges, freezers, etc
  • Carpets
  • Furniture
  • Beds
  • Cookers
  • Childcare
  • Washing machines
  • School trips

What We Do

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Spondon Relief In Need Charity provide financial help to residents of Spondon who are in need ...

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For more details please write or email us explaining why you think we can help you.

About Spondon

For more information about Spondon visit the Wikipedia Page.

Regulated by the Charity Commissioners in a scheme Number 211317 Sealed 16 November 1973

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